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Aliens attacked: Hovering group colours reversed. WTF

Well, I was creating this nice little signup to guide the spectators home and was pretty happy about it when it suddenly and totally unexpectedly got possessed by smth chaotic evil… And I was all like WTF just happened?!? My webpage turned against me?!? Genisys?!? Skynet?!? :fearful:
Image from editor -----------------------------------> Image from webpage

Any bright ideas to save the humankind from certain doom and destruction?

Well without a link it’s going to be hard to help you

The issue appeared when I gave the floating group a flat colour white background. When I removed it, it got OK.
It can be found at, I set the background to white once more and there it is…

I’m not sure i see the issue. is it still there?

Okay, it’s gone, true. Probably after I deleted the slideshow plugin. And the floating group was now really resistant to being moved around in editor and having the changes reflect on actual page, but agreed finally.

Well if you can reproduce the situation email us at support and isolate the issue on a page. We’ll look into it.

will do

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