Layout Issue - 27th July - broken repeating groups

I logged into bubble today to find new layout issues - no changes have been made to the site!

Everything has been dragged to the left!

The live site is fine

I have tried restoring it to the last restore point at deployment - still the same issue.

Has there been an update to the responsive engine? If so please help me resolve this!

Ive filed a bug report but if anyone has a way to fix this in the mean time id really appreciate it as its stopped development!

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I feel like “Breaking Change” should be reserved for use by the Bubble team. It’s a bit misleading for other users.

Please check to see if there are any code snippets you’ve added that may cause the issue. That seems to be the issue 99% of the time. I’m not having the same issue, so It’s likely not a Bubble thing.

Fair enough will edit the title - was a little stressed :crazy_face:

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Damn @mac2 I just double checked and you were completly right - when I rolled back the bubble version I thought it would uninstall any plugins I had installed

Turns out it was a plugin causing the issue!

Awesome! Glad to hear you found a solution. Happy Bubblin’

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