What is going on with the editor


Anyone else seeing this with the editor right now? It’s almost impossible to distinguish between the space outside the page and the page itself. It’s doing this on every page, including reusables. And the reusables have been pushed down.


yea noticed something like that…

Yeah I just saw your post. It seems intentional. I can kind of understand wanting to push reusables down but that indistinguishable background is horrendous.

And now this…Group Focus isn’t properly vertically offset. Come on Bubble, seriously?

Yes, I see it too. You should definitely submit a bug report if you haven’t already.


Fortunately, it looks correct on the rendered page, but it’s nigh impossible to properly align vertically in the editor. :confused:

That was the first thing I did immediately after posting. It’s been routed to T2 support so I’m just waiting now.

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Holy crap! I know AI has made some significant advances recently, but I didn’t realize Bubble HQ was now being run by Skynet.



Did they respond to you? I was just editing and refreshed the page and my eyes are bleeding from pure white background

Yeah. They said was that they were submitting my feedback to the product team (after a few exchanges about some of my issues). Then they followed up an hour ago with this:

"Hello Matthew,

I have great news! After relaying your feedback and advocating for the option to change the editor background color, I can confirm our Product and Engineering team is looking to implement this. While I do not have an exact timeline, I can confirm that they are looking to add this feature.

So thank you again for the feedback as we are always looking for ways to improve.

I will continue to relay updates regarding the group focus element as I have them."

They also addressed the bug and are still looking into it. I actually have an extreme sensitivity to light over a prolonged period of time and it’s very disorienting to look at since most of the backgrounds my app uses are white, with few exceptions.

I have no idea how in 2023 the editor and everything are light mode, it’s like shining a spotlight in your face… especially out of nowhere recently the reusables having bright white instead of that greyish background they had…

Look at FlutterFlow’s editor in dark mode:

@nick.carroll :pray:


I like Flutterflow’s editor a lot. Nice contrasting colors. They just need to lighten the text a bit more and it’d be perfect for someone like me. Webflow has a sharp editor too. Ideally I’d like to see the option between a light, dark and classic color palette for both the editor and menu.

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I have the same issue here, impossible to edit reusable elements like this.

Temporarily I am just doing Inspect Element and editing the background color :angry:

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I’ll try that… I wonder if this will ever get fixed.

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