All APPS Down Again :(

I wish Bubble would give an update on what is really going on, and why. Am i missing something. I dont feel like this is going to work well as a long term platform if this is going to be the norm.


We are running on dedicated hardware cluster and our apps are down too. Would love to hear the RCA for these issues.

Yes… bubble would do well to do a full disclosure on what is happening. It would help alleviate fears and what not. May be they have on some other thread, but would be nice to get a detailed update. The status page is so vague that it is of little help.

Id like to thing they are about to release some awesome sauce and these are growing pains… if so please tell us. It will calm the bitter sorrows :slight_smile:

Well, it was little spotty there for minute. (I’m west coast US and yeah my app and editor went unavailable for a couple minutes but are back now at the moment.)

Status has been going back and forth between minor service outage and “all services operational” for the past few minutes.

Indeed, there has been more downtime on the shared cluster in the last few weeks than we are used to. I don’t think the sky’s falling here, but clearly there’s been more disruption of late.

It’s annoying for sure.

(But with my moderator hat on for just moment, let me ask that this not become a dogpile-on-Bubble whine-fest right here. Yes, more information on the root causes and recent fixes for these issue should be forthcoming and I trust that Bubble will provide that. Folks on dedicated plans have SLAs, don’t they? Or is that not a thing Bubble offers?

Anyway, when this sort of situation occurs, I’d like to remind folks that is a really cool system and you can subscribe to alerts via a lot of different means and it’ll keep you updated by your communications medium of choice!)


I don’t want to dogpile them… just wish they could give some details as to whats up. And may be tease us with some cool new features to distract from the outages :slight_smile:

@ryan8 The status page reflects platform-wide incidents on the main cluster. We are aware of few seconds of unavailability on some apps. Our devs are working on a fix.

Cool new features - that too :slight_smile:


So cool it is kinda underground :slight_smile:

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@NigelG We’re on it and the fix should be live today. Sorry about the status page.

I’ve yet to have any problems with my apps being down or anything


Sorry, I was being cryptic. It was keith’s typo.

The status page is is something else entirely :slight_smile:

So secret that it doesn’t even exist yet :slight_smile:

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@NigelG No worries :slight_smile: I was referring to the fact that there was no platform-wide downtime alert sent to users for this issue. The reason is because the issue is intermittent but we’re on it.

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We have been fine today as well.

But had the same issue yesterday, everything went south for 5-10 minutes then reappeared.

Mine has gone done twice today already but was only noticed by the status page one time

You can use a service like to monitor your site.

Ah the wonders of iPhone.

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i had the lingering red ‘saving…’ message … turns out any work i did when that was lingering did not save. reloaded my browser and it disappeared. bubble seems to be saving work now.

Agree. I have been using this (Uptimerobot) for a while and ever since the latest update it’s availability been like a yo-yo. But it’s never failed to let me know so I am prepared for those customer phone calls.

I am new here and trying to create my first app… I just wanted to know how often you have this complaint with bubble services.

Hey @confirmed272 no this is not the norm. And most of us who have been here a while have only piped up because it is so unusual. But like most I am still confident that this is a minor incident and will be solved!

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