Apps Down Agian

Whole system down all apps un-accessible!

West Coast US 5:58

Same here - this is scary. I’m in the midwest. How often does this happen?

More then it should i think… hopefully they figure out why it happens. It was pretty solid for a while, but there have been issues in the past. I get random outages all the time for a few seconds…

Hmmm, that’s troubling. Bubble is awesome but that’s not. Good thing it seems to be back!

Bubble holds a 99.88% uptime in the past 90 days ( ) , which isn’t perfect but its good. Every time one of these outages occurs its a new bug that is found and squashed for the future (thats the way I look at it). I assume some of these outages are due to new features effecting the main cluster in weird ways which I think is a fair trade off (assuming the down times are less then 30 minutes at a time).

Wouldn’t see it as troubling but as more of little growing pains.


yes overall it is AWESOME, but the outages cause my clients to go nuts… and the worst thing bubble can do is upset the users clients, cause if my clients demand that their app is moved to a new platform, i would up crap creek cause bubble cant be moved. Hopefully it NEVER comes to that, but i get questioned all the time about the stability and usually blame it something else that is completely made up.

Also bubble has had outages that are NOT reported in the status page, so the numbers i think are a bit off. I have had my app go down 4 times today, either a full outage, a brief outage, OR extreme loading times.

Luckily Bubble offers dedicated plans that isn’t effected by the outages which I think is a necessity in Bubble once you are to that financial point in your app.

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That’s interesting… i did not know they were fully isolated. Thats great news!

But overall BUBLE IS FANTASTIC platform!!! I just want to say that to anyone reading. The time to launch ratio vs hand coding is beyond fantastic! There are many VERY VERY good things about BUBBLE!!!


:rofl: there are but it has been up and down all weekend!

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