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[URGENT] Apps are down!

Just now, the styling of all my apps just collapsed and everything looks weird.
What’s going on?

So did mine, I also logged out of and it looks like even their site is down

Yes you are right, has the issue too…
Let’s see how quickly it gets fixed.

can confirm - someone pressed the red button at bubble HQ again!!

@emmanuel @josh

Can we get a confirmation you guys are working on getting systems operational? I typically don’t mind a little downtime, but I’m actually on a pretty tight deadline right now.


Yes, i have the same problem! Thought I f*ucked up something, but then went to file a bug report (actually add to a bug report that i thought was related -the disappearing of certain elements-) but that looks messed up too…

Yea it blew up pretty good - still pushing data through the pipes, is saying it’s up.

Concerned they’re watching netflix and the nuclear alarms aren’t going off

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I’m operational again, cya suckas! :smiley:

aaaand I spoke too soon - it’s done, stick a fork in it :scream:

Also concerned. A lot of our users use the app heavily on the weekend, so not a great time for a problem of this scale. Can we get an update @josh @emmanuel?

Mine seems to be getting worse. Now all my pages seem affected, even pages that looked OK just now with just some affected.

Some of my pages are fine, some are all contained in the top left. I’m not at my computer, so I’m not sure what patterns may exist in my software

It may be because you had those pages cached. Try incognito mode or a different browser.

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No, I tried that :frowning:

Does this mean it only affects some apps?

I’m guessing it’s not many apps, or we’d be hearing from a lot more users

I can confirm that we are experiencing the same problem this afternoon.

I’m down too… this is kinda scary…

I don’t know if it matters, but can we change the category and title to make it sound more urgent/catastrophic?

It is very scary. I have a lot of confidence in the owners, but at the same time I hate being so incredibly dependent on them. If Bubble tanks, I tank with them. Not only do I need to have someone else rebuild the entire app (and spend a fortune), I need to do it all from memory because I do not have everything fully written out… maybe I should start doing that :stuck_out_tongue:

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CAP it :wink:

Just did.

I’m guessing @josh and @emmanuel are aware - E’s last activity was about half an hour before the crash and they’ve been pinged enough time on the forums. I know he monitors the forums like crazy.

At this point all there’s to do is cross our fingers and cheer them on.

I know it seems scary guys but this has happened a bunch - they’ve always gotten things going again no problem.

They use really good version control - worst case they roll everyone back an hour or two and we all bubble on with our lives.

P.S. now’s a good time to get a meal in if you haven’t yet! I’d grab you some drive thru but you’re like thousands of miles away…