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All bubble apps super slow on Safari - Does this affect every Safari User?


I already filed a bug report but want to make sure it is not my computer.

I bought a new Laptop (Macbook 2016) and my webapp (and every other bubble webapp that I know of) is extremely slow when I use Safari. Just look here:


It took over 20 seconds (the screen recorder I use only lets me grab 15 seconds.) for the popup to open. The same happens with the popups on my site. With Chrome and Firefox everything works fine.

I have macOS Sierra 10.12.1 and Safari 10.0.1

Can somebody else with a Macbook doublecheck (also please write down your MacOs Version and Safari Version)

Just go to for example and click on Contact Us is pretty fast for me. i think the blur effect is quite slow on Safari (and I don’t recommend using that for popups.).


The beauty about bubble is that it only takes a couple of minutes to change things :slight_smile:

I just deactivated blur on my popups and they now load super fast on Safari

Thank you emmanuel. Have a good weekend.

PS. Maybe it would be good to deactivate blur on popups in general?

Well as soon as we do this some users are going to complain…

In general I think too many visual effect is cheesy, but not everyone agrees.