Safari: This webpage is using significant memory closing it may improve the responsiveness of your Mac, can this be disabled?

I can’t work in Bubble for more than 20 minutes on my new MacBook Pro with 16GB ram and i7 CPU without getting this annoying popup:


As soon as you press the X it appears again about 2 minutes later so it basically is permanently up there. Is there any way to disable this or close it? Every 30 minutes or so I have to just reload the page as well as it gives an error saying page failed to load as it is using too much memory.

Hi @lmoreau

I still use 8GB RAM (pro) with Chrome. Every time my machine starts to be slow, I check the process of Chrome, and I kill the one that no need. I also close the Bubble tab and re-open it. My next machine will be a minimum 32 GB! :wink: