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All Country Data Plugin not working

Hey All, does have somebody contacts of plugin owner ?

There is error that happens

Thanks, appreciate !

I’m seeing this, too. Is there an alternate plugin for pulling country names?

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Hi, thanks for letting me about the error. I’ll try to fix this error as soon as possible.


Awesome - I’m following this. We were using the Countries plugin and it also is experiencing an issue at the moment. When you have the fix, could you post what the issue was please @aditya.rajak - thank you in advance.

Hello everyone,
I just checked the plugin, the used API is not giving the response. I have mailed to the API developer, let’s wait for a while, If he doesn’t reply I will try to use another API.

Thanks & Regards

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@aditya.rajak Seems domain was changed from to

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I changed it. Can you please check if it is start working or not? @edamov

Still not working on my end. Also having this problem.

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Hello @aditya.rajak ! The plugin still doesn’t work on my side.

any update Aditya?

Plugin’s new version is available. Kindly update the version and use it.


Hi Aditya,

The most recent update seems to have modified some functions of the plugin (I got about 14 errors in our app). Most importantly, calling code seems to have disappeared?

Update: was able to reproduce it using “idd root” pair with “idd suffix”

Thanks for the update, I will try to add the test app this weekend.

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