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All elements on page overlapping

Strange behavior in which nothing has changed on a particular page (in this case the login page) yet when viewing it in the preview all elements are overlapping / stacked on top of each other and unable to click or input values. I’ve tried to view the preview page with and without the bottom debugger displayed and yield the same thing. I’ve also ensured that the components are have different coordinates (as can be seen in the view from the editor below).

This is what it is supposed to look like (via the editor)

But this is what is happenning.

can you try to modify the page and reload it?

Very strange. I’ve modified components by removing them, placing them back in, aligning them, and have not had success. Just moments ago I used the arrow keys to nudge the first link down two pixels and everything worked.

I guess I’ll keep that in mind if it happens again.

Continuing the strangeness, it’s looking like every page I’m previewing now has elements overlapping. I’m having to do this pixel-nudge activity quite a while to make the pages right. I’m not certain if an update happened or if something is occurring in my app but it’s a strange issue.

We did push something for the responsive engine today, which could trigger this.

Thanks then. That would make sense. I think it’s occurring with all elements that are using the responsive layout.

I had to do the same to one of my apps. Weird that it fixed it, but it did!

Found out that if you turn off “Enable responsive page rendering engine” and turn it back on that fixes everything immediately. Might help for others to know this in the future. Also, would it be possible to know when a rendering engine update happens? Or is there perhaps a public changlog we could reference just to know in the future? Just don’t want to have to bug you all so much in the future. Thanks.


That’s because we’re still in beta stage (that’s what we mean by beta, we allow ourselves to do this :stuck_out_tongue: ). As soon as we’re production ready that won’t happen.

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@saeed.t.richardson: thanks for the helpful tip - i had this break all the pages across a live app to the point where it’s been unusable for the last few days. spent quite some time trying to figure a way out but in vain: so frustrating and costly - thank you.

@emmanuel: i think dismissing this as simply a ‘beta’ issue isn’t helpful. you’ve asked people to help you test the responsive engine and so it’s only fair/nice that when you do make changes that users get to know what’s been updated with the kind of helpful release notes mentioned here (i suggested this a few months ago). that way builders can make it their priority & responsibility to review their apps and rework any broken functionality. this is especially useful when an update leads to such a significant change in behaviour as to render an entire app unusable.

in general bubble’s current operating approach is ok if you’re pitching the platform as a place to build and play with small prototypes/mvps. but i think to serve many mission-critical commercial apps with thousands if not millions of daily transactional users needs a fundamental culture shift. at least that’s my overall experience so far and why i’ve scaled back my ambitions of what i could confidently build on bubble at this stage.


I understand the source of your comment, but it’s a really slippery slope. When you check the “enable responsive rendering box,” you literally get a popup that says not to use it in production, as it’s still being fiddled with. At that point, it’s a bit of a swim-at-your-own-risk situation.

We’re fortunate to be allowed to play with the tools and provide feedback prior to the big release. I do agree that having some additional info would be nice, but I don’t think it’s fair for us to ding the development team when they told us pretty clearly how this is working. Just my two cents, not trying to pick a fight.


I had the same with my apps this morning. Turned the rendering engine of and on and made no difference

See my answer on another thread. It’s a reusable element issue.