Plug-Ins Load Slow, and What's Up with these being deleted?


The plug-ins load super slow, and when typing in the search for a plug in it cuts me off at the first letter I start typing. Anyone else have this issue?

Also, I see a bunch of these type of plug ins.

Is someone trying hack us? Why does someone keep making a plug in and then deleting the user? If these are not legit plug-ins @emmanuel can you delete them?

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This doesn’t mean anyone is spying on your, it’s just someone that added a plugin and deleted his bubble account. But you’re right, we should hide them from the list.

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Ok, It looks like maybe it has already been deleted but still shows in the list I guess. Thanks for responding :slight_smile: @Emmanuel you are the best!

Hi, is it possible that there were other plugins caught in this purge? Our company has created several private plugins that no longer are possible to use/access, although that account has not been deleted.

I would ask emmanuel, I’m not sure about this.