All plugins disappeared?

Working on an app when all of a sudden I get missing element notifications and find that all but a of the plugins in the app are gone? They were there one second and gone the next. Anyone else had anything even remotely similar?

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Same issue. Exactly the same, only the Flusk plugin remained.

same goes to me. Anyone have any idea what is happening?

It has occurred on some of my apps, but not all. In fact, it has occurred only on the two apps that I have connected to Flusk. @yuliangtoh1995 same for you?

And I never even installed this Flusk plugin…

Yup, I made a check on two of my apps. Only connected to Flusk have such issue however live version of my apps is not affected.

Well, it’s nice it’s not a Bubble editor issue for once :grin: @weswas @vnihoul77

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Begs the question how it’s happened though? I’ve not touched Flusk in weeks, is it Flusk deleting my plugins?

That would be my worry… Let’s hope they’ll sort this out and explain what’s happened…

Anyone contacted Bubble Support regarding this?

Yeah - seriously. Not sure whether I should add them back manually or wait to see what happens?

I adding them back manually. I cant afford to wait for their response.

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The irony of a security and monitoring application removing all of the plugins except its own is admirable though

Make sure to look through your app for ‘missing [198305719823x1980351]’ etc actions to identify plugins you forgot to reinstall because Bubble doesn’t show this in the issue checker.

Thanks alot for sharing but what is that plugin?

the ID I gave is just a random example, I forgot to reinstall AirAlert for example so saw an action error like that which didn’t show in issue checker.

One way you can do is to tally the plugin from ur live version dated before the bug happen and development. My live version plugin not affected so I using this method to tally the plugin.

That… makes a lot more sense than my suggestion!

They’ll reply here shortly but We're on it, it seems like all alpha apps were affected as part of a new release today and they’ll be able to rollback apps if you want (from @vnihoul77)

Hi, the issue indeed came from us and was affecting a few apps as part of the monitoring alpha.
We were able to revert all plugins list quickly, this should reflect on your end as well.

Big apologies for the inconvenience :heart:

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