Allow Bubble sites to be iframed

Would it be possible to Iframe a bubble site? Since I know we’re not able to iframe our websites. It would help me out alot!

Have you tried the X-Frame settings on the General tab?

No I haven’t. I’ll try that, i’ve never seen it!

You can iFrame a bubble app inside of another Bubble app or show your Bubble app as an iFrame on another website.

Though I recommend your use of iFrames be very limited in function. (Ie. what you display in the iFrame should be limited in function, based around a single page of your site, etc). The iFrame dimensions should match the Bubble app page dimensions.

Mind sharing a bit more about your use case? Would help in providing other pointers.

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Well I play on GTA 5 and I need to put my bubble app onto an iframe so it can be used without an overlay of Steam Powered. I’ve tried it before, but never had the option put forth by mebeingken. So i’ll try tonight to see if it works now.