Change text field to number field

Hi gang,

Made a rookie mistake and now I’m really paying for it :frowning:

I have a data type called ‘Products’ and one of its fields is ‘Price’. I initially set this to save in the database as ‘text’ but I need it to be saved as a ‘number’ now instead.

Any ideas on how I can do this?


Should be simple enough…

You’ll have to create a new price field for products of type ‘number’ in the database.

Then just run a workflow on the list of products to set the new ‘Price’ number field to the value of the old text price field.

Hey Adam,
Thanks for this!

I’m giving your suggestion a go, however, I get the following error:
“Value should be a number but right now it is a list of text”

(Screenshot attached)

By no means a bubble expert, so probably doing something wrong :sweat_smile:

Managed to get this to work by adding :converted to number

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how do you trigger this to run? TIA!

Here’s how I did it: Go to data > App data > Find the list you want to run your workflow on > Click ‘Bulk’ (top right) > select your API workflow and the rest should be self-explanatory!

Definitely try it on your development environment first to make sure it works before running it on your live environment. Messing with databases like this always makes me super nervous but luckily it all went to plan for me. Good luck :slight_smile:

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Excellent. This worked, but for 200 rows it took 40 min. Since I’m moving an address from a text field to a geography field I believe each address is being evaluated by google’s api. It would seem to be better if the evaluation of the address happened upon a client call for a specific address (when a user asks for a particular address) rather than a call for each one in the entire table as they get loaded in.