Allow my app users to access other web app data through Bubble API Connector

Based on what I’ve read, I don’t think this is possible yet (possibly in progress), but I wanted to get a dialogue on the topic going as from what I can tell it would benefit many Bubbler developers.

I’m trying to build an app into which I want to embed and allow my app users to access/edit data from other web apps (e.g. Google calendar/docs/analytics, Buffer, Evernote, anything really). My understanding is that currently the API connector only lets me connect to my own (or one single) account on other web apps. While that is nice, I think this would be a much more powerful/useful application of the API connector (and something I would pay for).

How would I go about doing this in theory? Would I use the Bubble API connector to connect to each apps Oauth for whatever user is logged in? And once it’s connected I can then access that services’ user’s data through different API calls?

Has anyone tried to make this work? Can anyone confirm if this is currently possible? How hard would this be to add to the current Bubble platform?

Thank you!


Also, does anyone know if this is possible via Blockspring?

@geoff.byron Did you make any progress on this topic? I did a small test this weekend with a Dutch invoicing application. I was able to submit an API token on the Bubble frontend and save this key on the user table. Not really secure if you ask me, but hey it worked. I was able to use this key as a variable in the API Connector.