How each user of app can connect their apps via API

I want to be able to allow each user to connect their own apps to a bubble app via API. is there a service that would allow me to give each user a token and manage their own API?
For example, lets say in their bubble app they can see their mailchimp or slack info via API or viceversa, they can export (via API) their bubble data to other apps.

@pentecost_7128 Data API can be one approach

thanks @neerja. Is there a service that you know of that can create developer friendly APIs service? like access this api via code (for developers).

@pentecost_7128 You can access your app’s data through code and GET/POST/PATCH. See the the link shared above. If that doesn’t meet your use case, please share more context.

Like to have a codebase for javascript developers, another for php, another for rails etc etc to access bubble app programattically.