Bubble to wordpress - SSO (contributions/developers both welcome)


I need a plugin that allows me to login into Wordpress using credentials from a bubble app.

Also what would be nice is if the wordpress user had a way of accessing some of the data (such as “access level”, “membership_tier” etc,) on a live basis from bubble.

If you are a wordpress and bubble developer - please let me know the price for parallel plugins for this on both platforms.

Also, happy if someone else also wishes to contribute to it. This plugin can help you maintain a blog/community/learning platform/video libreary etc. on wordpress and control access to it via your bubble app.

Hoping to try again. Need to sign in into wordpress using a Bubble App.

do you have discord?

Hey guys,

I’m trying to achieve the same thing. Right now I’m using a Wordpress plugin called Miniorange Oauth client, along with the amazing guide written by my fabulous fellow Frenchman and Bubble genius @Lucien :

The only missing link is the user details endpoint, which Lucien didn’t manage to get. I’ve emailed Bubble support to find out more, but for now this should get you started and I’ll share updates later.

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The user endpoint - you will just have to create your own (a post end point which returns data) or just expose one of the tables via the GET route.

Miniorange - routes the auth/user info via their servers, right?