Allow users to create forms with unique urls

I’m trying to build an address collecting application. Ideally, when a new user submits their basic information an address book form would be generated for them. The address book form would be the same for every user, but the url would be different. That way, when a user sent the link form to their friends,the friends could input their addresses, and the addresses would be displayed only to that user.

Is there a way to do this?


If I’ve understood you correctly then I think yes, this is possible.

As always there’s probably more than one way to do this but here’s one way. When a user submits their basic information, you should have a workflow action that generates a unique random code (use the [calculate formula > Generate a random string] for this:

You should probably make this string fairly long, like 8 chars, and add the user’s initials, so as to (almost) guarantee uniqueness. You can then save the string against the user (e.g. to a field called ‘nCode’) and set their unique url to the page url plus the code as a parameter - e.g. https://myapp/mypage?nCode=[user’s random code]

Finally, when your page loads, you get the nCode value from the URL and set the page’s user to be the user with a matching nCode value.

I hope this helps.

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This is great! I might use their phone number instead of the random string.

How exactly do I set the url? How do I tell bubble to reference the url when the page loads?

Thanks for your help!

An easier way might be to have a page that has a Data Type (maybe User) set on it already that includes the Unique Id of the User already.

Have you done the “Sending data to a page” tutorial ?

I can check that out. How would that work for this use case?

Person A creates an account, and is given a link to their “personal” form, e.g. (I know, it would be messier)
Person A sends that link to person B, asking them to fill out the form
Person B goes to and enters their information
Bubble recognizes that the data was intended for Person A and displays it when A logs in next

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Hi Kate,

I’m dealing with the same problem. Sharing unique urls with users who are not logged in.
Did your solution work?


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This post is for a similar problem and might be of help: