Let users create and publish forms

Hi! I have been sitting here for hours trying to figure this out, but nothing is helping.
Ich want my users to create their own forms and publish them on their site, with the data feeding back into my bubble database.
Is that possible?

Of course. Pick any form maker and have the responses sent to bubble via webhook or use zapier to get responses and send it to bubble from there.

Hey, by “publish them on their site” do you mean to embed the form in their website or just put the link to form that opens in your app?

Yes, the form is supossed to be on their Site. HAve seen that you can do that with an iFrame but donßt know how reliable this is

Have previously developed a form builder with Bubble. However, the feature requirement was to generate a unique link, which users can then share with their audience. The idea of embedding with an iframe sounds interesting, will try it out.

Man that looks really good!
How did you generate the link, or better, how did it work?

Hey, the database can be structured like this:

  1. Form
  2. Question
  3. Question Settings
  4. Answers

Create individual entries of each as per your setup, with parent_ids mapped (for question and question settings).

Ensure that the type of content for the form preview page is set to ‘form’. Generate the url this way website home urlpage name/form unique id, you can use slugs if you would like to beautify the url. Once the page loads, display all the created questions mapped to current page form in a RG.

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