Allow users to create their own options in a list, and save as its own element

Hi - I’m very new to bubble (and programming in general) but v keen to build.

I am trying to create a list - like a password manager - where a user can input a list of platforms (social media for example).

In the example in the screenshot, I have pre-chosen these social media sites. What I would like to be able to do is for a user to create a new social media account to the list? and it then show up as a new option beneath them?

Is this possible, or can the user only use options i have pre-defined?

Thanks for any help in advance.

Hi there, @jack.sitwell2… it is definitely possible for a user to be able to add an account to your predefined list of sites, and you would do that by using a custom data type. Can I assume you already have a custom data type where you have created the predefined sites? If so, you would give the user a way (i.e., a form) to create a new thing in that data type. Then, the data source of the repeating group that shows the sites to the user would be a search for the predefined sites merged with a search for the ones created by the current user.

Hope this helps.


Hi @mikeloc this is interesting, although i didn’t get your solution that well, can you give more input please? I’m interested to make the user able to create their own data fields so mabye this can go in similar direction? or maybe finding any hack to enable the users to create data types or fields, just like airtable or CRMs