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I am once again asking for your help - so far, everyone who has engaged has been fantastic, so a big thank you to this helpful community.

Two things I would like to do:

  1. I would like to give my users the ability to create their own “custom fields” within the database.

  2. I would like to give my users the ability to add these custom fields to their app, without me having to do it for them.

An example of what I mean by number 2:

One of the pages available to a user shows various pieces of customer information. A user might want to show a custom field (created as part of point 1) somewhere on this page.

Are there any limitations in Bubble that would prevent me from doing this?

If it’s possible, does anybody have any guidance on how this might be achieved?

It can get fairly complex… but here’s a topdown view of the basic concept.

Start by creating an Option Set that will contain the different ‘Types’ of fields your users can add.


Text (short)
Text (long)

Then create the following datatypes in your database:

Custom Field
Name (text)
Type (Type - Option Set)

Custom Field Value
Custom Field (custom field)
Type (Type - Option Set) - not strictly necessary, but I find makes things simpler to manage
Text Value (text)
Number Value (Number)
Date Value (Date)
Image Value (Image)
File Value (File)
Yes/No Value (Yes/No)
User (User) - can probably just use the built in Created by field for this.

Your Users can then create their own Custom Fields as they wish.

When they want to store value in them, just create or modify the related Custom Field Value with the appropriate values.

To display them, just create an RG will all the relevant input elements, and use conditions to show/hide each one based on the Type of the parent thing.

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Fantastic, thanks Adam this really helps.

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