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Allow users to set up their own reminder schedule

Hello Bubblers -

Hoping to get some advice on how best to build this.

Goal: Allow users to create a schedule for email reminders as a template. The reminders are based on X days before the event. The user can then use that template for each new event they create afterwards.

Not sure how best to approach this since the schedule will need to recalculate the event date each time.

Will likely need to use backend workflows and a data structure like this:

  • Event - Includes “Date” and “Recipient Email”
  • Step - Sending email based on number dates before the event date.
  • Schedule - A list/flow of “steps”

Just store the ’ X days before event’ data in the database (probably in its own 'email reminder settings datatype related to the User, or maybe each event can have its own settings… etc.)

Then just use that date(s) to schedule the reminder emails when the event is created.

An alternative approach would be to run a daily recurring workflow, that checks for events x number of days from today, and send the relevant reminder emails to the participants.

Got it. So if I am understanding correctly the suggestion is something like this.

User creates a schedule that sends a reminder:

  1. 10 days before event and
  2. 1 day before the event

User then creates an event for Dec 31 and applies above schedule.

It would create new records in another database that is something like this

From there schedule a workflow to send based on the “send-date” criteria.

Can I confirm if this what you meant?