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Allow users to specify unavailable days on calendar

Hey guys,

I’ve been trying to figure out a way for users of my website to elect days they are unavailable so that people who try to book them (through the calendar plugin) can’t request a booking on those days. I’m struggling to figure out a solution, despite searching these forums extensively. I guess Bubble isn’t super well set up for booking systems like that just yet?


Bubble isn’t about ready to use “things”. Its a platform, like any other (i mean that in a developer sense).

There are a few ways that you could do this - like having a user choose certain days that are blocked (or times), and having those be a “blocked” day, so you would then check against the list of blocked days/times to see if they are available.

The trick with any software development is to figure out what the user “story” is, and work backwards.

In this case you have 2 (in a simplistic sense):

  1. A user can block times/days that a client cannot schedule during.
  2. A client can schedule a time/day for an appointment.

What you suddenly realize is that the reason WHY they can’t schedule then, is because those “blocked” times/days are already scheduled, albeit with a “blocked” appointment type.

Compared to other programming languages, Bubble isn’t super well set up to handle booking systems as there are some limitations to it from my viewpoint as a developer. Compared to ready available scheduling solutions, Bubble lacks in features out of the box, but I would say a vast majority of the features can be replicated. Bubble is a more of a tool than a solution and it’s up to the developer to build out that solution. The solution your looking for won’t be found on these forums, but probably on a much more technical website describing the data model used for scheduling. The first place I would probably search is

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Hi Brian,

The issue with that is, they’d have to block out their trading hours every single week, as there doesn’t appear to be any way to repeat an event?

I’m building out some fairly involved booking features, and there are several strange bugs happening JS-side with the Bubble platform. With time and patience, a lot more of these features will be available with stable integration.

That said, I haven’t encountered any limits to the platform yet for building out booking-based features. @Scott - :ok_hand: on…great compliment to Bubble forums when building out anything complex’ish.

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