Timeslot Booking functionality

Looking for someone to create booking functionality within my application that allows businesses to set their availability and users to make bookings based on the availability. I need something similar to Calendly or Tradie Calendar which was actually built in Bubble. I am looking for experienced Bubblers with a good track record and evidence of previous work.


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Is it across multi-timezones?


Ideally yes

Just working on a booking system now for multi-timezone and have to say I am not sure Bubble is up to the job. It’s made so hard in Bubble because of the way it insists on converting everything to local time.


This should make it pretty easy, especially by making the multi-timezone stuff a breeze :smiley:


I thought you had this set up already?

Have you taken a look @keith CGPro? It’s an excellent plugin that allows you to construct dates (timeslots as well). And I’m pretty sure it handles multi-timezone functionality.

I have, but like I mentioned to you previously, it isn’t fully setup. I’m looking for ways to make it more performant and have other functionalities.

Keith’s plugin is probably the best plugin on Bubble in my opinion. A masterpiece that I’m yet to explore, however, I want to see if anyone can improve the framework I’ve built.

Understood. I have been able to set the availability of a userX and allow another userY to schedule an appointment with them. Using Keith’s plugin allowed me to create the timeslots based on userX’s availability. I even have been able to show what slots have been booked. I know you probably want the timeslots to disappear, though. the only thing I haven’t figured out is how to prevent a userZ from booking an appointment that overlaps userY’s appointment.

Hi James, were you able to figure out a solution for this?