Allow users to upload videos

How can I allow my users to upload videos?

I found an article from Tranloadit that I thought was going to be perfect, but their plug-in, uppy-transloadit, no longer exists.

Any ideas?

You can use the file uploaded that bubble provides, as this now allows users to upload files more than 50mb. However id recommend getting the AWS Uploader plugin, as this also has no upload limit and allows you to upload directly to your own AWS S3, which is much cheaper than buying storage through bubble


oh snap. I hope it’s that easy! I didn’t think the Bubble uploader allowed videos. Do I need to use any special plug-in to allow people to then view their uploaded videos?

Not sure if this method would work for your purposes, but my team collects videos by first uploading them as unlisted to YouTube, and then submitting the YouTube URL to Bubble. We can still display embedded videos via the link field, and it keeps the database lightweight.


You can use the Video.js plugin with a link to the video saved in the S3, or you could create a video player using HTML. Theres plenty of examples online of HTML video players, and so you should be able to copy and paste one into your application fairly easily

@dylanwares thanks this has been extremely helpful.

I have set up my S3 and am currently able to upload pictures and videos and I am able to view images saved in my S3 Bucket using the file URL (not using the Video.JS). But when I try to view a video saved in the S3 using Video.JS I get the following error message "No compatible source was found for this media.”.

Do you know why this could be?

I have tried .mp4 and .mov files


Any and all help would be much appreciated!