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Apps where users need to upload videos. Do we have some examples here?

Hi guys

Does any of you build any apps where users are uploading their own videos?
Can you maybe share them here?

I don’t have a public one I can share right now, but I worked on a file sharing site for a client, and users upload video files straight to the dB. I used HTML video tags to playback the AWS link that is generated. This is pretty small scale since last I checked there’s a 50mb limit per upload, but it worked for the use case.

Gaby | Coaching Bubble

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I bet if we coupled that technique with the file upload workaround we did, it’d solve problems. We used an HTML element to post directly to our S3 bucket, then capture the link ink the bubble DB. Bypasses the 50mb limit


i wanted to check the speed of this websites. I have successfully setup a part of an app using db and link from AWS and JW player. It just takes a few seconds to start the movie after i press “Play”

Hey @cm1

I built this website

You can click on the upload icon and select video to see an example of video upload.