Allowing Items to Flow into User's Dashboard

Hello! I’m a newbie to and I’ve been going through all of the free templates to try and figure out how to have a master list of available “tasks” that people could do (take a hike, sweep your porch, etc.) that are each tied to a category (Outdoors, Indoors, Social, etc.).
I’m trying to have a master list of a ton of tasks that a user could technically do, but I want them to be assigned to a task they haven’t done before that matches up with their category of interest. And I’ll need a way to let them mark whether they’ve completed it, put it on hold, deleted… And I want to display only 7 at a time.
I’m a SQL developer and trying to wrap my head around how the user data interacts with the master database or “list” that I’ve created.
I would post what I’ve done but it’s not even good enough to show! Any tips would be really appreciated as I’m in a struggle mode. Thanks!


You are going to love Bubble. I recommend that you approach it as a visual programming language. I say this because many new folks struggle with how app builders work … where components come with much pre-built functionality. Josh and Emmanuel, Bubble’s founders, refer to their creation as a language. And the more I build with it the more I understand their vision.

Sure it takes longer to build the UI and to programm all the many little things. But … when you compare it to a verbal language … you realize that you are going so much faster than if you were typing line after line of code.

Perhaps to go through the recent short videos on how to build an app that Bubble put together, might be a good way to get acquainted with its functionality.

Have fun! :+1: