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Build your own to-do app!

Hi Bubble community,

We released a new lesson today (for long-time members, these are the guided tutorials that you can find at This one is meant to be a “graduation” lesson, so it’s only available in “hard mode”. The point of the lesson is to create your own to-do app! At the end of it, we encourage users to clone it to their account and customize it however they want, perhaps with some of these feature ideas.

What do you think of this? Thinking back to when you first started on Bubble, would this have been a net win for your learning curve? Any and all feedback welcome.



Thanks a lot these videos really help, step by step learning!

Is Bubble plannning to produce similar learning videos on a regular basis?

This is fantastic, thank you guys!

Thanks for helpful videos.
I’m newbie here and want to create an app. I don’t have any coding experience, and this is just a new hobby that I want to explore.

I found it very useful to have the graduation lesson at the end. And also having the suggestions for doing more.
However I am curios for best practice solutions on how to solve the different suggestions.

The first one for instans, “(1) The to-do list currently only shows tasks that aren’t Finished; build another repeating group to show all Finished tasks for your future reference”
I solved this by making two buttons, one for unsolved tasks and one for solved tasks. The button filters the group respectively. But I don’t think this is the best way… The button “done” is visuel in both filters. Is it better to make a completely new group, and where should I put it until it is shown?!

Hey Helmar,

This is partially the fun of Bubble - there are many ways to implement pretty much any feature! :slight_smile:

The way you’ve done it sounds workable. I might suggest a different UI other than a button for this “toggling between finished vs not” behavior - eg a checkbox, or a switch (which you can find via a plugin), or even something else. If you have the time, might be fun to explore different options!

I will look into the switch thing.
Though I think bubble is easy to quickly do some amazing stuff, I miss examples in the reference guide.
Examples for using/writing the when statements would speed up my learning curve.
I got +Days to work in a conditional after help from the community, but it took way to long for me to mess around with it even after the help.


Regarding: “* (3) Add web push notifications (via Bubble’s OneSignal plugin) that will remind the user the day a Todo is due”

It does not seem that the OneSignal plugin works with Bubble. So I got it to work with the AirDev Notification plugin.

I have one problem though. I can´t figure out how to get “#nr of to-dos due today”, I am only able to get “to-dos:count” to show in notifications (shows total to-dos in list). How do you solve this?

Answers will be much appeciated!

The OneSignal plugin should definitely work with Bubble, because Bubble created it :slight_smile: (Unless you’re looking at a different OneSignal plugin.) If you’re experiencing troubles with the Bubble-created one, it might be a bug - in that case, would you mind filing a bug report about it?

Hey Everyone, Hoping I could get a pointer on point 2 - changing a date to show days?!

Well the first step is to create an array in which you can store the to do list entries

Hello Everyone,
Can someone help me with “Use auto-binding to provide the ability to edit a Todo’s Title or Due date after you’ve created it”. I don’t understand how am I suppose to do this because I cant auto-bind the text inside the repeating group

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