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Allowing Users to Create their own data types

Is it possible to allow the User to create a new type of data?

In my example, there is a built in process that Users go through where they are filling out forms for their business information.

But we are adding an ability for the organizations that are working with these Users to build custom forms for their clients to fill out for their businesses.

How would I achieve this capability of allowing the organization to create “custom” data types specifically for their clients to fill out?

You can’t create new datatypes via workflows, no.

But, if you’re making forms for which you need to let user’s create custom fields (like many CRMs do), you can create a datatype of ‘Custom Field’, with fields such as: Custom_Field_Name, Custom_Field_Type, and various fields for Custom_Field_Value (of different types)…

Then you can use that datatype directly in your forms or wherever you need them.


Interesting, that is actually what I just started thinking about after asking this. I think I was just overcomplicating it in my own head. This makes sense though.

Thank you!

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I didn’t get what you mean @adamhholmes , can you please explain more?

I’m struggling too here, @adamhholmes can you please elaborate?

For those looking for help with a similar issue, Adam clarified things for me in a more recent post. Hopefully those coming across this post that need a bit more will find this post useful. Adam was very kind and generous to spell everything out for me so that I could understand better in my particular case.

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