Allowing users to create their own data fields or types

I’m interested to make the user able to create their own data fields so maybe this can go in similar direction? or maybe finding any hack to enable the users to create data types or fields, just like airtable or CRMs. Is it possible?

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Hey @mo.aljumaa ,
You can create a table called “Custom Data Fields”.
Then you can allow the user to create a new record in this table.

Is there a specific use case you’re trying to achieve?


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Hey @bubblealex , thanks a lot for answering. Well this is what i still didn’t get, i want to create a inventory tool, where the user can enter the inventory in. But i dont really know what data fields will be needed, so i can define some of them but in the end the users will need their own data fields. So i would love to enable them to enter new data fields where they can enter data in for example. The user have three names for a an item and three different dates, did you get what i mean?

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The thing i love about airtable, that you can create as much fields as you want and also define this fields such as string, number, date, etc…

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