Allowing users to slide page to swap between groups

Can anyone point me in the correct direction for creating a sliding group function, the same as when you are on your phone and you slide between pages. How can i create the same function?

The easiest way is to use a plugin. We have RepeatingGroupSlider plugin with its Carousel element able to slide both RepeatingGroups and ordinary Groups with an arbitrary content. Please see the last section on this demo page. There are also other plugins on this page, just search for “slider” keyword in the “Community-created plugins” section.

Do you mean like animating a group to slide out and another group slides in?
Let me know.

Yes, exactly. Except that the plugin will animate them for you.
You could try doing this with built-in animations, but there are several caveats there, starting from the need to detect guestures. Built-in horizontal sliding animation also produces scrollbars and have other side effects, so I believe you will end up with the plugin one way or another. Just try them. There are couple of free ones, but I didn’t use them.

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