Autoslide Repeater Group Horizontally

Hey guys,
How can I create a 1 row horizontally auto sliding Repeater Group?
Like the want the info in the repeating group to keep sliding without the user having to click “show next” or such?

Anybody knows how to do this?

Interesting question. I played a bit with repeating groups and animation. Do you need something like this?
slidable RG

You can set any duration of the animation as well as any content of the cell.

Ya, that’s the concept
How can I do that?

As at the moment there is no slider element/plugin in Bubble we need to emulate it with other functionality.

My implementation is following.

  1. Create a group that will be your repeating slider. It shall be simple group - not repeating group. The group shall be of type of thing you want to show. In my example type of content is Name.

  2. Add two custom states on your page: one for storing index number of the item to be shown in the group (by default =1) and the second for the list of things to be iterated in the group.

  3. Add a one step workflow that sets the state of the page - namely, displays to the custom state the list of things you need to show.

  4. Add the main workflow that slides the things. What it does step by step:
    -animate slide in of the group, your group becomes visible
    -pause the workflow - it is the time to show the thing
    -animate slide out - your group is hided
    -update the custom state on the page - add to the index number 1 to show next item (only if current item is not empty)

  • if the current item is empty - reset the custom state by assigning default value of 1


Thanks a lot bro :heart:

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