Sliding horizontal carousel?

Is it possible to do a sliding horizontal carousel with repeating groups? Showing maybe like 4 repeating groups at a time

Sorry, looks like I jumped the gun. Seems like its possible using horizontal scrolling

Hi @alex10 would you mind to tell me how you did the sliding horizontal carousel? :grinning:

@dan25 You can create a repeating group and set the scrolling to Horizontal Scrolling.

If you want to use arrows you can use the arrow icons and set their workflows to Element Actions ->Show Next/Show Previous.

Thanks @Sheila123 I already did it, but what I don’t know is how to make a slider and how to remove the horizontal scrollbar.

When I do that, it says that you can’t use Show Next on a Horizontal Repeating Group

Hello, Have you find teh solution for remove the horizontal scrollbar?

Use fixed number of cells, will fix your problem :slight_smile: