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"Already Viewd by User" Condition

Is there any way to build a condition based on what item’s the user already viewed, for example im building a page where users can see recent posts in a list, sorted by newest to oldest, (Like facebook), but (Unlike facebook) i want them to be able to see which one’s they already viewed, (Like Whats App or telegram has a system that shows the new post under a seperate line), what makes a post “Viewed” or not? how does Whats App do It?

One way would be to save a timestamp against a user every time they visit the page/group that displays the posts. Then you could display posts created since that date/time above the line and those created before then under the line.

thanks louisadekoya, its not about visiting a page, its about seeing the specific post in the repeating group while scrolling, like when u scroll on your facebook page to see peoples posts, is there a way to timestamp a users view on a specific post?

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