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Display User posts as list in the descending order of created date

Hello !

I am trying to create a profile page for a user, which should show the previous posts by the user in a repeating group (correct me if repeating group is not for this purpose). I have been trying since a very long time and watched videos in Learning Center and also looked at other posts. Though they were very helpful, I am not able to understand how to do it.

Can someone please look at my app and let me know where I am doing a mistake?


Is this for the current user or the current page user? Either way, you need to add a constraint in your search of posts:

Created by = current user (that is, the logged in user) or = current page user (the user whom this page should source from)

If it is current page user, you need to send user data to the page whenever you navigate to it. For example, a list of users in a repeating group on a search page… have a button in the repeating group cell that, when clicked, navigates to the profile page and sends the “current cell’s user” data.

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That helped! Thanks a lot
I wish there was a pop-up telling me to add a constraint.

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There are many cases where a constraint isn’t needed on a search, so a popup would actually be cumbersome.

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