Alternative to SendGrid?

I’m at my wits end with SendGrid. I’ve used them in the past ok and the api is connected.

However, my account is blocked pending review and I cannot contact them. They direct you to Support page and portal, but it redirects too many times and this is on different machines and browsers. Probably in the Top 3 of worst user experiences of any site/platform. I’m done with it!

Are there any user friendly recommendations for transactional emails - welcome and password reminders etc? Marketing will be done elsewhere.

Many thanks

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Checkout Postmark. Lots of people with success moving to this as their primary emailing source.

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Or alternatively AWS SES, which has quite a good deliverability performance.



Yep Postmark!

@paultwaddle1 I am using Postmark and it is amazing.

SendGrid is trash, they banned my account on sign-up and wouldn’t tell me why. Definitely Postmark


Postmark! Why?


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Thanks for all the answers and support for Postmark. I’ve successfully created an account - just need to work out how to integrate it with bubble now!

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