SendGrid Warning for Newbies

SendGrid doesn’t directly tell you when your emails get blocked, and any emails to Yahoo, Hotmail, and Live accounts will get deferred/delayed/not sent/blocked. This has nothing to do with Bubble, it is a general SendGrid problem. This happens because SendGrid’s IP for whatever reason has been blocked by various email services. So be warned - if some users are not getting messages, it may be because you are using SendGrid and they have one of these emails. I found out the hard way (and also lost a few users who attempted to sign-in and gave up). Solution: get a SendGrid dedicated IP account. How? By blowing $90 a month on the SendGrid pro account. Yup, you can’t purchase a dedicated IP on the lower tiers. I’m trying to implement a temporary workaround for now or find an alternative transactional email notification service.


I believe this to be true for all transactional email services, not just sendgrid. When you’re sharing an IP address with many other users its likely that sooner or later email services will begin blacklisting the IP if they are receiving spam.

What I’ve done in the past was call sendgrid or other providers and asked them to switch my IP because emails were not being received. They switched my IP without a problem.


Thanks, I’ll try calling SendGrid.

Not quite, I switched from Sendgrid to Postmark for this exact reason, Sendgrid is completely unreliable in my experience, all emails take a lot of time to arrive and have an unacceptable spam block rate. They don’t even fall to the spam folder, they are just blocked and never arrive the spam box at all.
And that’s not me, a lot of colleagues of mine shared the same experience.

In time: I did contacted Sendgrid, they are always switching IP’s automatically but that doesn’t solves it. They just can’t solve that unless they do a lot of structural changes.
Meanwhile I’m happy with Postmark, my emails arrive instantly and are never blocked.

Others mentioned Sendinblue, but I don’t have any data on that yet.


Seriously? So unless your users have gmail accounts there’s a decent chance your emails to them won’t get through? That’s pretty disastrous…

Thanks for bringing this to my attention @deadpoetnsp

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Good to know. I was going to use sendgrid but now I’m going to reconsider. Thank you!

I’ll look into Postmark. In your experience, is it relatively easy to integrate Postmark with Bubble?

Yup, and you won’t even know until you go to the dashboard. If course I should have checked the dashboard sooner, but I suspect this is one of things that newbies like me would not think to check :slight_smile: And like noted above, it does not even go to spam because it gets blocked. It looks like there’s a setting in SendGrid to get notified of blocks, I’ll try that and see if I can set that up. That way, I can send follow-up emails directly from my regular email and help them onboard.

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There’s a plugin that sends plain text Postmark email, and I have one that I created for myself that allows to send plain text and HTML (the standard) emails.
The workflow action is more or less the same, compared with the Sendgrid one.
All you have to do is the standard “create account, get API key, paste API key in Bubble” and then insert the send email action where you see fit.

I didn’t shared mine publicly because I don’t really have the time to make docs for it right now, but if you know your way around the standard email setup then I can make it public for you to enjoy.


Thanks that would be wonderful!

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Yeah, we expect it to simply work, think about the cold that got up through my spine when I saw my magic link emails for login and signup weren’t arriving or arriving several minutes later and people were just emailing me “it didn’t worked”.

We all believe it will work… until it doesn’t.
After talking to Sendgrid I decided to just switch. I found myself checking the dashboard almost every day, when it should be automatic and not a source of hassle.

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Just released: “Rich Postmark emails” is its name (: @deadpoetnsp


Thank you for creating this plugin. Its so simple to get it working. Im using it to send HTML body emails. Are there any suggestion, advice or limitations I should be aware of?

basically if you use sendgrid with a google mail account much less goes to spam though. so that is the quick fix.

Yeah, Postmark only allows transactional emails.

Here’s what they mean with it:

What are transactional emails

Transactional emails are one-to-one unique messages that the recipient is expecting to receive. They are usually triggered by the user and do not require an unsubscribe link.

While transactional emails can help fulfill marketing needs by recovering abandoned carts or re-activating inactive users, these emails are primarily functional and provide an anticipated response to an action or a request made by the recipient.

Unlike promotional emails which are bulk distributions of the same content to many recipients simultaneously, transactional emails are personalized and typically sent to individuals one at a time.

What are the types of transactional email?

Welcome emails, password resets, and receipts are all examples of transactional email.

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I sent from a GSuite address and it didn’t helped anything. Do you mean something else?

that is what I mean.

if your emails land in spam:
make sure to add an unsubscribe ability (via sendgrid unsubscribe groups)
also add your business address.

this worked for me.

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Gotcha! I was aware of this and not really intending to use it other than transaction emails.

I have a query tho, for html body based workflow on bubble, I can add dynamic data, image source and other user based information via insert dynamic data? I havnt tried it yet but wanted to know if it will work? Any advice related to that?

It happens to me too with sendgrid, even having a 99% of good reputation :triumph:

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I will try @vini_brito postmark recommendation or maybe someone has worked with the add of Mailchimp for transactional emails?

Just checked right now, on html body, I have a img source to which I pasted a s3 link address where the file is stored. It doesnt seem to show up on the actual email.


Highlighted is where a image was supposed to appear. Does html body support dynamic data and image files??