Am I doing something wrong or dropdown bug?

I’ve spent around 6 hrs. now and can’t find a way to do this.
Basically, I want to show the ebook titles that the current user has uploaded in the dropdown list.
However, it seems like the text just doesn’t show up. If I try to upload more ebook, the dropdown then has more list on it but I can’t see the ebook title at all.
This is my settings.

I tested it with 2 ebooks uploaded

The dropdown shows:

So I uploaded another 2 ebooks

The dropdown list is bigger but noting showed up.

What am I doing wrong? or is it a bug?

Yes, you have to set Option caption. If your ebook has a title this could be Current option title

You need to set an ‘Option Caption’ so it knows what you want to display in the dropdown menu.

Otherwise it won’t display anything.

Oh my god. Thank you so much!

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