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Am I Dreaming - This Can't Be Real - Image Saved No File Manager File Stored

I have been trying to find a way to make uploading images better. I have decided to test out some paid plugins for the task and implemented something that I don’t know if it will cause an issue.

I set something up that allows for an image to be uploaded but not take up any space in the file manager…which implies it does not take up an Bubble Storage.

I used the Crop Upload Plugin

This plugin allows me to upload an image, pre-set a ratio and then have the user expand the size of the cropped area while maintaining the pre-set ratio…it works beautifully and I am excited about utilizing it.

One of the better parts is nothing is stored to your file manager until you trigger a save action in the workflow.

Then I am utilizing the Image Compression plugin

This plugin allows an image to be uploaded and compressed, or to compress an image using a URL. Works perfectly, really reduces file size while maintaining image quality.

WHAT I DO NOT BELIEVE though is that I have set up an image upload and compression without keeping a file in my Bubble Storage, although the image is accessible and saved in my database.

This is how I set it up

This set up is taking an uploaded file from my device, letting the user crop it, then save it, which then triggers the creation of a file in my file manager with a URL component. After that I use that URL to compress the image, after compression save it to the D.B. as a data type and finally deleted the file from the file manager.

The thing about this is that the file I delete from the file manager is not the same file that is saved to the D.B…in the D.B. the data type is saving the compressed image, but the file being deleted from the file manager is associated with cropped image.

I am still able to see the image in the D.B. and display it on page in an image element.

Is something going to cause a problem in the future? Would I realistically be able to save images in the D.B. and not have them take up storage capacity in my file manager?

Here is a Video of the setup in action

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