Sending images outside of buble

Hello everyone, I’m having serious problems with images in bubble, as I already reported in the topic This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below

Because of this, I’m thinking about transferring the images to Amazon AWS, Google Cloud or something like that, does Bubble already have something “proper” for this type of integration? What is the best option for me to deal with these images?

Before you assume Bubble is the problem, you might want to make sure you fully understand how images are handled within Bubble. I use images quite a bit and am having no issues. I suspect there are are quite a few other apps heavily relying on images as well, so if there was an issue with images, the Bubble team would likely be aware of it.

Also, be aware that if you use a 3rd party storage solution, you’ll be foregoing some very nice features built into the Bubble platform, such as Imgix-enabled auto optimization (which impacts an app’s performance) as well as the ability to control file visibility by attaching them to “things” in Bubble.

And lastly, I scanned the screenshots in your other post again, and I still couldn’t see where you’re saving any image references to the DB - only where you’re setting custom states and deleting uploaded files. My hunch is that you might have a fundamental misunderstanding of image handling within Bubble.

Can you provide a high-level overview of what you’re attempting to accomplish? It’s hard to offer input without the “big picture” (no pun intended) in terms of your desired functionality.

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Aqui esta onde salva tal dado.



But the question continues…
Because it only recently started to present this problem, and in images that had already been saved in the bank for 1 year, this also occurs…

Ok, well the other thread’s locked, so I’ll ask my question here…

Why in those other screenshots was the uploaded file being deleted? Obviously, if you delete the “master” file used by Imgix to create web-optimized variants, the images in your app will eventually disappear. There will be a lag time, though, which could explain what you’ve been experiencing.

If you haven’t deleted any uploaded files and they’re disappearing from your app, then you should submit a bug report. There might be some “regional” issues with AWS services. :man_shrugging:

The image is “deleted” after the plugin generates a “cropped” image from the image:


I’ve done this twice, but I haven’t had any feedback on what’s happening.

Is the cropped version being uploaded and a reference saved to the DB?

Sorry, I’m just not following your app logic, and I’m not familiar with how Croppie works. (Having written my own image down-sampler and uploader plugin, I do have a solid understanding of the relevant concepts though.)

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Ok, just glanced at the Croppie docs. Did you implement a workflow for the Croppie is saved event? That’s where you save a reference to the cropped and uploaded image.

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This link above is the last image I uploaded using croppie, it is still possible to view it at:

But as I said, what is strange is that in some places, old images, which were once available in the bank and worked perfectly, and some recent ones have also “disappeared”.


new images:
File uploader:


Data open:

error view image:

View file manager:

This “wi-fi” image should appear here:

Well, you might need to follow up with support or wait to hear from them. I don’t think I can be of any more help.

Good luck!