Am I missing something when it comes to work flows

I want a link to scroll to another section on the same page so I added this workflow but nothing happened…Could someone please tell me if I’m missing something?

(upload://e1ueUXiJThPwjEHMokDOcchrycr.png) Screen Shot 2020-04-11 at 8.31.40 PM|690x309

hi qgrovesbc, looks alright.

Some ideas:
Is one of the groups not shown and hidden?
Do they overlap with anything on the page?
Have you tried to use the debugger and step by step mode to see if the right things are being addressed?

Go on preview then click step by step.


Hey! thank you, I figured it out though. It’s because it was in a group that it was getting confused. I changed the links to text then in the workflow I told it to scroll to the other text on the page :slight_smile:

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