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Amazing free interactive background tool (Naker Back)

Hola Bubblers,

I want to share something that I think is fantastic. Interactive background designs available on Naker.Back It’s a free tool that can be customized by users to choose their effects. You can play around with the tool online but to export the code you need a free account. You can register here Naker registration. The registration page loads very slow for some reason; likely due to the effects they load on that page. But the tool itself runs fine in my experience. See a preview on their YouTube channel Naker Back video trailer. FYI I am not affiliated with Naker.

The background effects are amazing in my opinion. I believe they look professional.

Here’s a quick rundown of instructions

  1. Register for free account at Naker registration

  2. Go to Naker.Back to design/customize your choices

  3. Export the provided code (I note this step has some intricacies. PLEASE READ ON TO UNDERSTAND WHY)
    3a. Choose Bubble as export choice BUT do not copy code yet

3b. name your ID (can be anything such as “abc” or “background1)”

3c. Once the ID section is completed you can now copy the code they provide

4 Go to Bubble editor & select the page you wish to have your background

5 Double click on the PAGE ELEMENT ITSELF

6 Once double clicked, drop your copied code into the “Page HTML Header” section and type in the ID name in the “ID attribute” section

7 Press preview & double check it works. If so enjoy! (I believe this effects only works in PAID Bubble apps unfortunately)

-If you are on a Paid Bubble plan but don’t see the ID Attribute box in the editor. Then go to your Apps “settings” in the “general tab” & make sure ID Attribute is checked.

-I emailed the company & they DO NOT PROVIDE OR KEEP UP TO DATE their help instructions as they now only focus on paid Naker offerings (which you should check out). Yet they still allow the tool to work for free. I had to email the founder this week to get the above instructions. PLEASE KEEP THAT IN MIND

related links:
documentation for those who code: Naker non-bubble help materials

Old Product Hunt launch link (Sep 2019) Naker Back - Product Hunt

I hope others find this tool valuable.

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Gotta say this is a really cool tool. Is it built in bubble?

I think you’re asking is Naker Back itself built on the Bubble platform? Not to my knowledge. 99% likely it is not. Looks way too sophisticated to be built in Bubble.