[NEW] A Library for Bubble community - Free Pages with Workflows and Preset Style

Hello Bubblers!

We all know how frustrating it can be to make something work as we want :woman_technologist:t2:🧑🏻‍💻— and as a Bubbler for almost two years now, I noticed how we all got some lovely little tricks :star: that help us to get what we want creatively.

I’ve give a home to my practical tricks (learnt from both my team and our fellow bubblers), display them as they are and THEY ARE ALL ONE CLICK AWAY FOR YOU TO DOWNLOAD with our extension.

One button and you get all the workflows, database items, styles etc. for the component I’ve built. :two_hearts:

We hope this library can become a dedicated space for the bubble community :nerd_face: to post their creative solutions together. Or even a knowledge base for bubblers to learn by doing :writing_hand:t2:. (Or just an option for you to backup your whole app.)

Feel free to post your problem | the bugs you find in our templates | comments on our product under this thread and we’ll see if we can build something for the community to better our bubble skill together!


Congratulations, I love the concept and how it is integrated inside the bubble editor.

But I have found installing a component it’s too intrusive in the way it is installed. The extension starts to move from one page to another like 20 times, opens data tabs, reusable elements, etc. Also, it overwrites existing elements (at least one of the components that I have tried), making it very “unsafe” to install as it could delete/replace something.

I think the best approach for this would have the option to copy all the “visual elements” with a button, and I decide where I want to paste it or drag it to the page.

However, pretty impressive tool!


Thank you sooo much for your feedbacks @yusaney1 :two_hearts: I totally understand what you meant by being intrusive and now that you mentioned, it seems like the one click install option is not that needed for experienced bubblers like you:

Here’s my thoughts on this: What if I add an option of copy and pasting manually for visual elements and automatically for styles, database items?

Again, super thanks for giving the first feedback I got in bubble forum :sob::heart_eyes:.


Just changed the default behavior from replacing the element to keeping both the old and the new elements - it will no longer be unsafe as it will not delete or replace anything from your app [unless that’s sth you guys want, and if that’s the case, gna need some time to study how to present this concept. :nerd_face:

Thanks @yusaney1 again for your feedback!


Yay! Go!

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