Amcharts for bubble

Anyone else using amcharts for bubble and can’t turn off interval refresh or animation? Seems like the charts are stuck in the animation loop weather those are checked or not.

What other charting options do you use?

hey @rayboyett - cannot reproduce that but feel free to PM a link to your app (and open up access) and I will take a look.

Odd thing is it suddenly stopped doing it about 2 hours ago. I have been having loading issues most of the day though so it may have been internet on my end?

I also changed the interval time to 0 even though I have interval refresh unchecked and that seemed to have stopped it but now that I turned animation back on it doesn’t loop, works as it should.

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Bubble re-executes plugin code each time any related database / api change is detected… a glitchy connection could cause this to happen too. Unless selected, Interval Time shouldn’t have a bearing but the effect of the code re-executing would look like this.
Glad it’s sorted.

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