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Charts not working

Hello world

I am using anychart api to plot some charts. The below code works in bubble when i use the HTML element and I display it as an iFrame.

<!doctype html>

Code B

The code below does not work for some reason but when I open the html file with the exact same code it works. Is there something wrong with Bubble?

<!doctype html>

html, body, #container { width: 100%; height: 100%; margin: 0; padding: 0; }

It’s going to be pretty tough to help diagnose without a link to the editor. Could you share that so the community can poke around? If not, could you recreate it in one of the public forum apps?

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I think I resolved it. It doesn’t work if pointed to script src=“”>.

If pointed to script src="//" type=“text/javascript”> it works… Not sure if it means bubble doesn’t support the 7.11.0 version?

Could there also be an HTTP vs HTTPS issue? In the second url you point to, you aren’t explicit with http. Who knows :stuck_out_tongue:

You are quite right. It responded if I used https instead of http. Thank you very much!

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Are there any plans to increase bubble chart capabilities? Has anybody heard anything about that?

I am sure everyone would love the ability to create queries as views like in sql. I really think it would be beneficial to have us create our own custom views with the help of a visual query builder that we can tap into and display data on charts, repeating groups, or maybe a page.

Last update i read on the forum that will happen eventually. Some features of charts like multi series or aggregation is missing and it makes crunching numbers and displaying graphs hard.

I am currently working on a project that really needs this for my company and i am stumped on how to proceed. I looked at fusion tables, Google charts, zoho reporting, tableau, etc but all require that data is stored somewhere other than bubble.

If anyone else had built something that can be shared then please let us know

Bubble has approved the request for custom views at FeatureSeed. Anyone who’s interested in funding it can ask questions or fund it now at