amCharts plugin [Premium now Live]

Was the option of starting the left axis at zero implemented? It was mentioned earlier but I didn’t see a follow-up?

Hi @exception-rambler I am not sure if you can shed some light on the error: “TypeError: Cannot read property ‘length’ of null” I was getting it when the search result returned a zero but also seem to be getting it when it does return data and can’t figure out why I would be getting this. I assume its a common issue? As it seems to occur often.

Any idea what I need to look for?

@TechieInAK I haven’t seen anything on that yet. Hopefully soon!

hi @TechieInAK @richardsonjj36 @alex5 - my bad as I did not bump you when the Min and Max feature was implemented. You can find the controls within the Value Axis area…

Just to let Bubblers know that amCharts Premium is now only available through the Bubble Plugin store.

A big thanks to everyone that has been using and feeding back on the plugin since August. Under this new payment model I can now develop the plugin over time and you can find the roadmap for performance and feature developments on the improved micro-site.

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I just saw the min/max feature listed yesterday on the mini-site. Thank you, it’ll help quite a bit to have that.

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@exception-rambler i was wondering if you have any plans to make the Gantt chart available at some point?

Version update
1.4.0 - Improved properties layout and click events added
Dec 29, 2017

New Layout
Reorganised and relabelled the property editor. Language has been simplified, dividing headers introduced and all Series properties are now grouped underneath each ‘Series Properties’ heading.

Click events added
You can now trigger a workflow when a user clicks on an element of a chart. You will find this within the ‘When…’ trigger of your workflow editor.
Additionally, you can find the details (i.e. data) of the chart element that was clicked via the ‘Click category’ and ‘Click value’ custom states (plus ‘Click percent’ for Pie charts)

Plugin is only available via subscription on the Bubble Plugin store
See for version history & roadmap
Mail with questions / ideas / bugs

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Version update
1.5.1 - Count function / Loading graphic / Code update
Jan 15, 2018

You can now use the frequency of your Category data to generate your chart dataset.
So, if you wanted to count the number of times a user had logged into your site, you would only need to provide the list of logged-in user names and the plugin will use their frequency to create a values set.
e.g. [Bob, Bob, Bob, Alice, Alice, Sarah] would become [Bob: 3, Alice: 2, Sarah:1]

To use Count, define a Category data list and set a Category data name… just as normal. But now you do not need to define a Values data list once you have ticked Use Category data as values. You should still set a Values data name - see screen shot at base of this message for example.

screen capture smaller

You can now show a loading graphic whilst the chart is generated. By default it is set to ‘Off’ and can be turned On, and the color changed, within the Chart Styling area.

Be aware that non-date data will now always be sorted alphabetically as the chart generates. This ensures that other data features operate correctly.

Plugin is only available via subscription on the Bubble Plugin store
See for version history & roadmap
Mail with questions / ideas / bugs. I’m not a full-time Bubbler but I’m quick to respond and sort issues.

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When I download my data using the Data Export option, there are two additional headers “bubble_color1” and bubble_color2" (see screenshot). How do I remove those? I only have Series 1 data. Thanks!

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hey @tmuelle1 - these will be removed within the next update.
They are there to handle color mapping but we will toggle them when that is not being used.
Thanks for posting.

Version update
1.6.0 - Minimum & Maximum / Decimal point control for Pie / Data export update
Jan 28, 2018

You can now use Data Grouping to pick out the Minimum or Maximum value from the values list for any piece of category data. You might use this if you were looking to chart the maximum / minimum spend across a range of dates, or by each of your customers.

These options have been added to the Data Grouping Mode dropdown within the Properties editor.

You can now set your preferred decimal point precision within the Pie Chart. This is helpful if you are using the legend, where previously long and awkward values would be shown in full.

You can find the control within the DATA area of the Properties Editor.

The ‘bubble_color’ fields have now been removed from the Data Export functionality - so you will only see your category and values data.

Plugin is only available via subscription on the Bubble Plugin store
See for version history & roadmap
Mail with questions / ideas / bugs. I’m not a full-time Bubbler but I’m quick to respond and sort issues.



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I see amCharts has a Gantt option. Is that included in this plugin?

Hi @blake1 - Gantt is not currently integrated but it is on the development timeline:

Currently working on

  • Adding axis labels
  • Controls on decimal places on axes
  • Improved color controls for axes 3-8

Up next

  • JS Charts 2.0 element
  • amCharts Gantt element
  • amCharts Map element

Can’t give you a firm release date but will be within next few months.


Hi @exception-rambler sent you a message but asking a broad question here about the Premium. Do all values have to be number in the database or can the premium version say count how many times a text occurs and plot that?



= Show a Pie chart with 3 “Cats” and 3 “Dogs”

Or do we have to first create a report table:

Fields: Type | count

Cat | 3
Dog | 3


Hey @StevenM
Short answer is that Premium is able to count the occurrence of an entry and turn that into the numerical values for the chart.

So your scenario above could indeed produce the outcome 3 Cats and 3 Dogs without the need for an additional field within your database that states 1 for each.

So to do that you need to enable Use Category data as values which is just underneath the Values data name field on both the Serial and Pie elements.


Thanks @exception-rambler , I’m sold.

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If you are interested in the result of my question above, the following 2 charts show the Data used to create two different chart types without providing numeric values. It’s a life saver!


Thanks for sharing @StevenM - it’s great to see it up and running in your app!

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