amCharts plugin [Premium now Live]

Yes Ed, your plugin is an absolute life saver! Champion!

Hi @exception-rambler

I just subscribd to the premium plugin and trying it a bit, but I have a frst question: is there a way to hide the amcharts logo from the chart?I expected that to be cancelled when upgrading to premium

I find it a bit annoying, especially because it’s a link that when clicked drows users out of my app


I am playing a bit with the plugin now and I found that it’s a bit different than the one shown in the tutorial (Three types of rollup over time): I can’t find the “merge the same data” checkbox nor the “other series copy setting”

One more question: can I display different things in different series? I have a thing for “active invoices” (users’ income) and one thing for “passive invoices” (users’ expenses), and I would like to display them together in the chart, and possibly do an operation among the two to get a NET INCOME (income minus expenses) Is it possible to calculate that in the chart editor, or should I build a new thing just to display data in tha chart?

… keep editing this message while I go on trying: it seems that when I try to display more the one chart on the same page, the second one is going over the first, and the first chart is no longer visible… I tried to keep them sapareted in different groups, but still having the same issue

… one more: could you implement the possibility to customize the format displayed below the chart? for non-english users would be nicer to read months in their native language (I think it’s not possible now, or am I missing something?)



I have been playing with the plugin almost all day long (I am a starter, so I am slow!!!), and I can say that I am pretty confident using it, now (I am Talking about the bar chart, didn’t have the time and need to go throughthe pie chart)

I am quite happy of the results, you can see what I achieved… I have to work a little more on the layout, but all data display well finally! You can see the image

I found an issue when filtering data with air date picker (it didn’t do the issue when I was using the regular Bubble picker, and there was no issue in calculating the same data, taken with the air picker, in the boxes below: The chart didnt “like” the first day of the selection, at the end I solved by subtracting 1 day from the selected date in the chart search, as you can see in this image

I am pretty sure there is a bug that should be fixed: If I try to display 2 bar charts in the same page, the second one will cover the first, and the first will be no longer visible. It would be a nice option to have, especially to let users create reports for their clients, if need with more than 1chart. A part from that, great plugin!


Actually, looking at the picture I have uploaded, I noticed that there was a discrepancy between the data, so I checked and the data were calculated, so I am guessing it’s the air picker? I also tried to change the date as in this image, I don’t know if it should be helpful, it was working with bibble’s date/picker

@seanhoots any ideas?

I’m not sure I’m following your question. What exactly is the issue?

Thanks for your attention!

I’ll try to explane it better:blush:

When I calculate a sum of a value coming from a search done with the air/picker, bubble can’t calculate the thing corresponding at the first date of the search, like if it was not included in the search. I need to search from the day before, and since it’s not nice for users (in my opinion), I did as the image

Hope I was able to explane!

Hey sorry but unfortunately i’m still not getting what you mean by the below.

Can you send me a private message so we don’t spam this thread. In the message please include the current behaviour and the expected behaviour and possibly a link to the editor with read permission so i can take a look.

Hi - just picking these up:

Different series
Yes you can display different series - you have likely figured out how to do this now. Your category data needs to be consistent across all the series (although the values can vary). So, for instance, if you are using date data in Series 1, you cannot use ‘Customer names’ in Series 2… although that is probably obvious :slight_smile:

Yes I have improved the layout and renamed some of the fields. Nothing has been removed, and nothing has moved far, but you may need to experiment to double check. There are updated videos and other support coming soon.

Displaying two charts
This should not be an issue. Please direct message me or email if this is still giving you issues.

Custom date labels
Your category labels can be whatever you like them to be. If your question is, can the date labels be in other languages - I can look into it. This is not currently supported.

You should change the format of your date to MM/DD/YYYY format.
Please pick up further points with me on direct message to keep this thread clear.

Actully I was building a sample app, but I am finding that the issue is still present, even with the bubble dat picker, so it must not be a plugin issue… Maybe it’s just normal? when I do searches with dates I need to add a day ( for future) and subtract (for past)?

If you get some time to check it, what I mean is displayed in this sample app

I know now it’ not because of your plugin, but I just wonder if that is correct and will get my users into errors


How do I add the premium version to my app? It doesn’t come up when I click add plugin and search, and also when I go to the “Premium Plugin” button is not active.

hey @blake1 - I’m actually right in the middle of switching amCharts over to something bigger. So if you search and subscribe to Data Visualization Toolbox you will find the plugin. That is the new name and home for the amCharts tools, along with full ChartJS 2.0 integration.


@exception-rambler Awesome. Thanks!

HI @exception-rambler

I am not sure this is possible, but sharing the problem here so others may find a solution for this useful.

I have number field which I can select X records from and as shown below in green just sum the total, average etc. Very easy!

But, what I am trying to do is sum the number as shown but then = divide by (count of records/15)

I am stuck in trying to add this to the chart value list as it is expecting a list and wont allow you to add in this kind of expression. “this is a number and expecting a list of numbers”

Is there a solution to manipulate the number this way?


Hey @StevenM - afraid there is no immediate solution for this one.
No newsflash here… but currently not very easy to run math operations on lists with Bubble.

Technically, very easy for the plugin to do the operation above… within the data batching functions it is already dividing by the number of records (to get an average) - so, in code terms adding in a further division by 15 is easy. But opening this up in a logical way for everyone to use is a little trickier.

In April I am planning to bring those data batching functions outside of the plugin to allow batch math to be run, even when a chart isn’t required (they will remain inside the charts tool as well). Doing that allows me to throw over more control to you so you can set exactly what you need to happen to the list.

Hope that makes sense!

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The batching function sounds like the thing. To confirm are your saying that we will be able to add math operations like the one above?

I was able to use the Toolbox to create an expression on the data but was not able to do anything with it as you say the it is still looking for a list.

Even if in the first run allowing us to run the expression result from the ToolBox Expression tool would be cool! But of course what ever is easier :slight_smile:

Yes - the batching function will do the trick.

On Toolbox, as long as you output as a list then you should be able to bring the value_list state into the plugin (it must always be a list). That said, I have struggled myself to output from Toolbox as a list - but that might just be me.

DM me if you get the above working / hit issues

Wow, these charts are awesome! How can I creat charts like these?

Thanks a lot!!

Anyway to format decimal places in the Ballon Labels? I want at most 2…but prob none would work best.