amCharts plugin [Premium now Live]

hi @gnelson.

If I understand you correctly then what you want to do is definitely possible.

If you’re ever stuck then the best calling point is the micro-site here, and specifically the reference documentation here. You can also find a host of tutorials here and on the Library & Learn page of the old micro-site here. Tutorials are always a work in progress as they date quite fast with new versions… but all the concepts in there are the same, even if the labels have changed.

But on your specific query what you need to do is setup something like the example below… this is using the Bar/Line - Chart.js element (but you’ll find the same options on the other elements). Once you’ve dropped the element onto the page you need to do two things:

  1. Run a Search within the Category data list box for the data items you need to count. For example, this could be a field of Yes / No data from questions responses.
  2. Tick the Use Category data as values box - this will do a count of matching responses from your category search and use that as your values. So, in this example it will count all the Yes’s and then all the No’s.

Final point, best to keep an eye on the Chart Tools thread as amCharts is gradually being retired - currently Premium is now only available as Chart Tools, this is soon to be Free as well.

And feel free to get in touch with me if you need specific help.


Very helpful. Thanks for your response and clear instructions. I may be taking you up on your offer to email with specific questions. :slight_smile:

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@exception-rambler can you confirm the amCharts plugin workd with the new data grouping and aggregation feature? I can’t seem to get it work because the plugin doesn’t recognize the 'grouping’data type.

Hey @vincent56 posted an update on this in the Chart Tools thread yesterday. Headline is I am bringing the capability on-board imminently.

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Sorry! I didn’t know there was an upgraded plugin!

I’m using the paid version of this plugin and I just bought a license from amcharts. It was the basic single web service license. I did this so that I could remove the jscharts watermark. Does anyone now how to remove the watermark once you’ve bought the license? There was a folder that I downloaded but I’m not sure what to do with the contents. Any help would be appreciated.

Hey @tom1 I just picked up your email and dropped you a reply. Have message the amCharts team and will get your license in place as soon as poss.

Keep a forum bookmark on the Chart Tools thread if you’re using the $5 subscription version for latest updates.

I am using the premium plugin and every time i use a nested label the chart vanishes and does not work. When i remove the label, it works. Sometimes it works with the nested labels for liek a few times then all of a sudden it stops

Hi @ryan8 to get a quicker response it’s usually better to message @exception-rambler or drop it into the thread: Chart Tools Plugin

I just wanted to jump in here to say how awesome Edward’s support and responsiveness is! This is by far the best support I’ve received here on Bubble.

Thank you @exception-rambler for your help last weekend!!!

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recently making an app using the free version on amCharts and Chart Element at the moment, i have got the expression to work for the category but for the value expression i cant seem to get this to calculate/count a list of items (i.e. Pending, Pending, Pending, Cancelled, Rejected should be Pending = 3, Cancelled = 1 and Rejected = 1) text field at moment, can you please help and advise.

I have managed to get this working but it does not Group the Categories.

hi @mm6som - it’s possible to group categories within the free plugin, it’s just a bit more clunky. You will need to apply a :group by… to both the category expression and the value expression.

Here’s a link to an example of that being done.

will this work if its a text field that i want to count…as it wont appear with :count

Yes, :group by… works with text fields. The feature is native across Bubble and you can find more on it here. Anything that you read on that thread can be used within your charts - just remember (with the free plugin) that you need to apply to the grouping to both you category and your value expressions.


This is wot i get which still does not work…it wont accept count.

You are using Bubble’s own chart plugin here, not amCharts. This thread is for a different tool.

You are using :count which will not work with any type of chart. :count counts the number of items in a list to produce a single number - charts will need a list of numbers to work.

There are good examples in the thread that I shared previously (here) of how to use Bubble’s own charts with the :group by… feature. If you are still not able to work it out then I would repost your issue in that thread.



Here is the right one i tried that too.

Did you take a look at the example that I created for you of how to use ‘count’ with amCharts? It is linked above. If you recreate that with your own data then you should see the result that you want.

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I did but it still wont let use count with text field to count the numbers a particular thing is typed in.
below is the information as followed by your example version

thanks for your help all working with the Charts Element…thanks so much for your help.

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