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I THINK that is controlled by the Decimal Places property that is directly under the Show Legend checkbox.


@mebeingken - thank you - are you referring to the “Balloon Label Text” - I thought that might be the case, looks like it may have to be written out in code. Any idea what the code might be to manage decimal places?

Hi @cschrade - I’m bringing decimal place control over to Bar/line charts at the next update (next weekend). Currently it’s available on Pie only… it will be exactly as it is there, a field to specify # decimal places.

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@edwardbutcher - Great news…thank you!

This is now done.

This plugin is now available as Chart Tools for Bubble.
You can find the new thread here, and you can visit the plugin site here.

@edwardbutcher Hello, I am not sure why my chart is throwing this error. Its been working fine in dev and live versions but now I see this error using the debugger

TypeError: b.series_1_bubble_category.length is not a function
at I (eval at _.create_code (, :9:76)
at eval (eval at _.create_code (, :34:426)
at T (
at Object.Ve.run_without_catching_not_ready (
at e._run_if_not_destroying (
at e.run_me (
at t (

@edwardbutcher I am also getting the same errors as @tmuelle1 on live and dev versions. Charts not loading at all - loading graphic in endless circle.

Hi @cschrade @tmuelle1 did you update to the latest plugin version? Worth a try.

Same here…updated the plugin, but no change. Wondering if tied to the AWS issues from today.

@mebeingken @StevenM @cschrade @tmuelle1

Thanks for flagging and sorry for the outage… filing a bug report now with Bubble. Nothing changed at the plugin end. The .length() function is provided by Bubble to help us manage data fetched from the database.

Will let you know once I know more.


A yep, OK I see now, its not fetching the data, they also just had an outage, so maybe a recent update / change.

I was not using latest version. I updated, and still getting error. Def worth a shot though!

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Hey @edwardbutcher, some of my plugins are also being affected by this .length() issue. I’m assuming it’s a bug, but if you hear back from your bug report that this is an intentional change, please let me know!

@emmanuel has got back to me and they are taking a look.
Sounds like no intentional code changes their side so most likely a bug.


We’re back up-and-running.
@dambusmedia @StevenM @mebeingken @cschrade @tmuelle1


Yep, all good here.



Yes, all good here!

Excellent…Thanks Ed

So there’s no way to use a bar chart to indicate the number of times a certain value (either text or number) a field contains in a table/thing?

When will there be tutorials, either video, or screenshots of examples of expressions to enter in each of the required categories and values for a chart type? It sure would help those of us not familiar with this sort of thing, especially for those who have chosen the paid version of a plugin.

Sure would love some help here.