An analogue of the Excel in the bubble?

Hey, guys.

There was a difficult question and can’t understand how to make.

We are slowly doing for internal use applications for the calculation of any marketing metrics.

As a result, we have a problem:

We need a person to enter a lot of metrics and everything counted for 6-12 months in advance. I. e. as a result the table, approximately as Excel has to leave. But in General it is impossible to do!
Everything breaks, information is not saved and is not displayed(

In Excel such a table can be done in 10 minutes, in bubble we can not for a week.


  1. Can someone send an example of their work to enter a couple of numbers and there were a lot of predictions, formulas, and so on and displayed in a table?
  2. Is it possible to just somehow integrate Excel and bubble?

I’m sorry if it is painted, I will try to paint more


Hi @iamtsyupa

This plugin might be useful.

Or there are different plugins on the plugin page that work with Google sheet, you can use them.

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@eren suggestion of the plugin could be a good internal solution.

Another idea is using Integromat to handle the maths, connection to your excel spreadsheet and send data to Bubble…could work

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